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The City Of
Starke, Florida
209 North Thompson Street
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 964-5027   |   Fax: (904) 964-3998
After-Hours Utility Outage: (904) 964-6161
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Police Officers Pension Attorney 
Ron Cohen 
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Police Officers Pension Actuary
Larry Wilson
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Police Officers Pension Consultant 
Richard A. Campbell, CFA
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Police Officers Pension Custodian 
Mr. Brian Bizzell
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2015 Summary Plan
2015 Actuary Report
2015 Compliance Report
2015-2016 Budget
Statement from Police Board of Trustees   
Board of Trustees Disclosure Statement 
Police Officers Pension Plan Rate of Return  
2013 Actuarial Report 
2014 Actuarial Report

Starke Police 2015 Chapter 112 664 Compliance Report w CL

Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas:
April 26, 2017 - Agenda
November 10, 2016
April 29, 2015
July 29, 2015

2015 Performance Reports:
1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter